4 items I used to taking photographs on my family road trip

Having been on a 2 family road trip with my family of 3 mouths in total. I have used two tips of camera’s

The gear that I using

1 Camera phone or smart phone


I found this useful to use as a happy snap camera, taking quick photos of my family actives and photos to record the location of places I will one day return to and take landscape photo.

Why’ll I found this of use to take quick photos. I also found that it was two slow when trying to take a photo in a moving car and because of the auto focus setting. Like in a moving car and then when it comes to quality of the photo for the blog site.

2 A Nikon 3100 camera

I found that using a big camera like a Nikon 3100 to take photo for the tazzdiscovers blog useful for quilt and potential for later using the photos. (Keep an eye on the tazzdiscovers blog to see.)

3 Laptop

We took along our laptop as the plan was to travel longer than a week or a week. A tip is don’t buy a cheap one. See why not.

If you are travel for longer with out one this will mean you will to buy more memory and you will not be able to edit photos.

4 A tripod

I am lucky, that I have three tripods and out of these I am enjoy my newest one that https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fanton.magnin%2Fposts%2F10207903223992129&width=500“>I used to take this and other family photos.


Leave a comment: I would like to know what camera gear you use and how you save money on upgrading and buying your gear

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